Special Price Tickets for Whale Watching

Happycastle B&B
The information of different tickets:
Adult ticket:Ages 12+ for NT$700.
Reduced-price ticket:Ages around 3 to 11 child for NT$550.
Child ticket:Ages less than 3 child for NT$300.(not include age 3)
Important information of register and boarding:
※ Everyone has NT 2.4 million safety insurance「旅客運送業責任險及人身傷害險」( liability insurance and personal accident insurance)
※ Please arrive at the rendezvous 30 minutes before boarding. 
※ Go to the register place by yourself. The address is “No. 315-1, Zhongmei Road, Hualien City, Taiwan” and the phone number is +886-3-8238000. Address in Chinese is 台灣花蓮市中美路315-1號
※ Every one need to carry your passport or identification documents for  Coast Guard Administration to check.
※ please have sunburn protection such like sun glasses, sunscreen lotion, cap, and thin coat.
Others information:
※ The trip is about 2 to 3 hours, which is depend on the sea state.
※ Pick-up fee:Extra NT$100 for one person. From Hualien Port to B&B in city center or to airport or to train station.
※ If you do not see any whale in the trip, the Whale Watching company will give you a free nominative ticket which does not have a due date. Welcome to join us again.