Happycastle B&B
Welcome to Happy Castle B&B. Our B&B is located at the Hualien city center. We are nearby Dongdanmen Night Market. One of our special design is the slide inside every room which full of the popular cartoon characters and cute animals such like Peppa Pig, Choo Choo Train, and Happy Elephant. We hope children can have fun inside the room while you can also have comfortable and relax time here. Beside, we provide you free bikes with child seat that you can go around Hualien city and experience local life on your own way. If you need baby bath tubs, and water boiler, these are available to provide. We hope you feel like home here and have comfortable night.
There are some local food you must taste:
1.      Sausage on Fujian Street福建街香腸
2.      Sunflower Handmade Tapioca Pearl向日葵手工粉圓
3.      Shanxi Sliced Noodles山西刀削麵
4.      Hai-Po Oyster Omelet海埔蚵仔煎
5.      Yi-Wei Breakfast怡味早餐
6.      Lin-Heung Noddle’s Restaurant蓮香(苡)麵店
7.      Temple Black Tea廟口紅茶
8.      Yi-Hsiang Wonton Restaurant液香扁食
9.      Mei-Qi Baked Corn美琪烤玉米
10.    Round Powder Packet with Red Beans包心粉圓
11.    First BBQ Store第一家烤肉
12.    Lin-Gi Hot Corn林記燒番麥
13.    Butter Bread Cake奶油酥條
14.    Tzeng-Chi Rice cake曾記麻糬.
There are some tourist attractions you should visit.
1.      Hualien Culture Park文創原區
2.      Golden Triangle Shopping Area金三角商圈
3.      Hualien Railway Museum鐵道故事館